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EHX Big Muff Mod Kits

EHX Big Muff Mod Kits

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-Chocolate Shake (Black russian): The chocolate shake mod for the black russian big muff is perfect for those of you that want a substantially different flavor out of your big muff. New transistors, new clipping, tone tweaks, the works! Has a more open feel to the fuzz, absolutely recommend going with this mod!

-Creamy Dreamer (Black russian): The creamy dreamer mod for the black russian big muff makes a bunch of tweaks to the tone, mids, gain structure and overall nature of the big muff. This mod will maintain the stock amplification and clipping character while shifting the way the pedal sounds to be much more musical and usable throughout the whole sweep of the tone and sustain knobs!

-Creamy Dreamer (USA): COMING SOON


All of our kits include any diodes, capacitors, resistors, transistors, op-amps, etc.. that you need to complete the selected mod, along with any and all instructions to set you up with the highest success rate possible!

Please note: purchasing a kit from us does not come with any sort of warranty or additional support beyond the included instructions, we also don’t assume any liability for the condition of the pedal pre/post mod, the modding process or any proper or improper use of the tools required to complete one of our mods 

**NO PEDAL INCLUDED. Just the mod kit which includes all required parts and instructions to complete any given mod.**

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