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100 PACK Limited 1-of-1 Diode Sampler - Rare & Reclaimed

100 PACK Limited 1-of-1 Diode Sampler - Rare & Reclaimed

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A hand selected array of diodes perfect for experimenting, trying new sounds or just expanding your collection of tonal opportunities!

Our 100 diode sampler comes with:

25 Germanium Diodes

25 Silicon Diodes

10 LEDs

14 Zener Diodes

and 26 extra special diodes to round out the selection!

($60-80 value)

Hand selected diode packs are limited so don’t miss out on your opportunity as these are time-intensive to pick out to find a great sampler set for you, picked at the time of purchase!

Some diodes may have short(er) legs as these are from our Rare and Reclaimed selection. Diode models and condition to vary but they’re all super sweet and ready for your next project!

(Picture is for reference only, the diodes shown may or may not be included in your sampler)

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